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Full Version: Big Blue hits the road
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Here is a little ditty I wrote. More to come! (I couldn't figure out how to attach it. Kept giving me the message "this thread is not available", or something like that.

Big Blue

“Let’s fulltime!”
“Okay! Let’s DO it!”

And we were outta there.

Actually, it didn’t happen that fast. We have been rv’ing since 2000. Did the normal stuff. Started out tent camping and complaining when one of those smelly big things pulled in and who cares if they have their own toilets, fridge and showers? Obviously, we did, cause we got our first rv, a GMC, then moved up to a Barth, then down to a Roadtrek (Gary couldn’t stand up straight in it) then back up to an Allegro Bus, AND THEN.... to a monster. But a kind, friendly, beautiful monster, our Newell, number 729, our gentle giant.

We sold our six acres, house and barn on the Chama River in New Mexico. And along with it our mini donkeys, chickens, tractor, four-wheeler and 8 koi. We graciously threw in the pond care, the 24/7 mowing, the mosquitoes, the pocket gophers, our propane, telephone, satellite, television, and electrical expense at no extra charge.

We then traveled to the Newell factory in Miami, Oklahoma. Actually, the Okies pronounce it Miam-UH. Obviously to differentiate it from the one in Florida. The similarities are astounding.

And lo and behold, we found our monster, our very own Big Blue. And it had everything. Four slides, all electric, dishwasher! What more could a girl ask for? We were amazed at the technology that Newell had ten years ago. Yes, it’s ten years old, but who cares? The only thing our bus had over it was the side cameras on the turn signals. I think I would trade that for the push button shades.

So we leave Camp Newell with a song in our heart. Until we realized this was not just a monster, it was a whole new animal. We had to unlearn as much as learn. But with the continuous help of Newell’s 24/7 service we did fine! Gary was most reluctant to call, but I didn’t hesitate. Cresley, Mike, Curtis, Ryan, others whose names escape me... remember me? “Susie”. I can just see them rolling their eyes when they heard my name. But each time (and I am sure I interrupted more than a few sit down dinners) they were terrific, and most helpful to these Newell newbies.

Let’s see, what are our favorites? The dump procedure would have to rate right up there at the top. At least that’s what Gary tells me. I’m not even sure where to find it on Big Blue. And the Gaggenau cook top. No more trying to get that dern propane cook top lit. And how could I leave out the dishwasher? Of course, I had one in the other rv’s, but Gary didn’t always dry them that well.

The oohs and aahs Big Blue receives are legendary. Every campsite we pull into it attracts immeasurable attention. (And even freebies, like chocolate chip cookies, from the campsite owners) Gary loves pointing out all the exterior features and I love pointing out the crystal wine and old fashioned glasses, compliments of Newell.

Life, however, is not perfect. There are some downsides. Or rather, one downside. The money pit bay. Unfortunately the 24/7 hotline doesn’t tell us how to run it on cooking oil. But I BET they could upgrade that!

Susie Richardson
April 2014 ©
very cool. hey,,,not sure where you could find enough cooking oil to use in it. not as easy to find nowadays.

happy trails.....please find your way to az and visit us

Thanks, Tom. Did we contact you a couple of years ago? We were looking at Newells and found one in AZ. I think you were going to meet us and go look at it. We were living in New Mexico at the time. Susie
Gary and Susie,

What a great coach! I looked at that coach when thinking about up-trading my 2003. In the end I stuck with the Baxtermobile, but still really liked that coach!

Congratulations! Hope you make many fun memories in your new "Big Blue"!

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