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Full Version: Bay door mount tv
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How has everyone attached the tv to the door
The mounts I have seen on Newells were attached to the side of the bay and allowed the TV to swivel into a viewable position.

This is how Newell will be doing 1517 until I design a cabinet in bay 2 where we plan to place it in the end.
I have one on the end of the grill. Thinking about a 2 nd larger one on the door. Hey Doug I'll have a surprise for you in the morn. I was 40 miles from factory and needed a place to stay night. Swung by here for the eve.. I'll send some pics early in the morn.

Have to give me sone input on your cabinet, going to gave one put in after this year. What works what would you change? Thanks for the surprise!
Just call me when you can we can discuss. I would do a couple of things different.. FYI have them put in the new wireless genie for your hd sattelite!