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Full Version: Brand of motorized lift
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You may be able to use the existing cable but all the setups I have seen recommend an ultra low loss cable.

I am going to use my existing repeater which accepts a RP SMA male antenna connection. I will run new cable. The existing access hole for the sat dish cables is directly overhead the TV so it's not a tough job to run new cable. I have to get on the roof to install the antenna on the old braund mast.

Yep a new controller is around two hundred bucks. Yikes. Now that I have the schematic I am going to use a auto window switch to see if I can just get it to go up and down. Stay tuned.
Richard, how did you solve the problem with your antenna?  I would like to get my Braun working - did you get a new controller box and did that solve the problem?  What did you use for a wifi booster?
I used a automobile window switch for the antenna. The wi fi booster inused is five years old so i am sure better technology is out there
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