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Full Version: Brand of motorized lift
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Sorry to trouble you on this wonderful 4th of July.

Can any of you tell me the brand on the wall plate for the motorized over the air lift for the antenna?

Here is what I am trying to do, and the issue I have. I want to use that lift to mount a dipole antenna for the Wifi repeater. However, the coach has been retrofitted with a different antenna which does not raise or lower.

The mechanism and wiring is still in place, however the control box is MIA. I am hoping to find a schematic or better yet replacement control box.

Any ideas?
[attachment=2323]Richard, if we are talking about the same thing, mine is Braund mfg.Concord Electric series 90 RV TV antenna. You can find them on the web. I just found the control panel part # 19198.
You are the man! Exactly what I needed!

Thank you!
I used that same idea for my '93 and had the bullet wifi mounted to one of the arms. It worked great and eventually I'll do the same on my '98.
Sorry it was side ways. I don't what happen but glad it can be useful.
An interesting idea. Do you plan to use the existing cable attached to the antenna to power the Wi-Fi booster, and which booster do you find to be best for this application? It would love to see a wiring schematic.
hang onto your wallet. braun is expensive stuff

I have had good luck with my Wifi Ranger.

It is about 9 inches long and has a small router/hub that goes with it. In my case I mounted it inside the coach in the console above the driver. It can really reach out and grab distant Wifi signals and re-broadcast inside the coach. They also have an outdoor version that many of the folks in my RV condo community have added to their coach houses.

It usually works well, but I HAVE had issues with compatibility with AppleTV and the web user interface takes some getting used to....but other than that its is a good product. (The company seems to be doing well with regular software updates and new product introductions)

Tom, you better believe it!! You are so correct.
I also have the Braund Mfg. unit in my coach. I do not use it so it seems to be ideal for a phone/wi-fi booster, especially if I can use the in-place cables. I had been considering attaching a booster antenna to the curb side mirror arm, but this idea seems much better.
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