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Full Version: Wifi signal enhancer
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The park I'm in has Wifi and outside the coach I get 33 mbps, step inside and it drops as low as 1.55. What can I do to speed up so I can work? I'm using a MacBook Pro.
The easiest and cheapest way is to get a directional antenna that connects to your macbook. I think Clarke uses one, not sure what brands are best. Other option would be to get something like a WifiRanger Go that has an antenna. We have a WifiRanger Go which works pretty good but we seldom use campground wifi and instead use our Millenicom mifi291 with a Wilson Sleek booster. That works on Verizon and has a 20Gb/month limit.
Steve cheap fix..

Seriously there things like this
probally for less $$
steve, the coach is a big faraday cage. not good for receiving wifi signals.

i use the engenius outdoor antenna that i have mounted up top flat on the roof.

We hang USB card (Verizon) near window.
Thanks Forest and Jimmy!
I ordered the C Crane lll off of Amazon that Jimmy found.
We wil see what it does. I have had a Verizon 3g mifi for years
but quit the $65/month 2Gb Verizon service when we were in Spearfish.. The reviews
for the new Verizon 4G/LTE aren't very flattering. Has anyone used it?
I have 2 3G's with unlimited data. If I upgrade through Verizon to 4G I lose the unlimited data plan.
Ditto Tom's post on the Faraday Cage. I use the Engenius external Access Point/Client Bridge with power over ethernet and a built in antenna - . I have one ethernet cable going from the outdoor Engenius mounted flat on the roof down the same hole as the Satellite TV cables and into the coach. A power injector supplies power to the outdoor AP/CB and then the ethernet cable either goes directly into a computer, a switch or, in my case feeds a Cradlepoint router on my desk.

I have tried window antenna and highly directional antenna placed inside the coach looking out the windshield or side window with very limited success. I added the Cradlepoint MBR1400 with 3 antenna and even attached directional antenna to it all with little improvement. Adding the Engenius ENH200 with the antenna on the roof has really increased the signal strength and therefore the data throughput since I was getting such lousy signal strengths inside the coach even with the window antenna because there was never a window close by looking the right direction for the parks Wifi antenna.
I have used the Verizon MiFi 4G/LTE for several years. In most cases it works well most of the time, Spearfish was certainly an exception. When traveling, I bump my data plan from 2GB to 10GB. Where I can get a decent park WiFi signal with my Engenius, I use it so I don't have to bump my data plan quite as much.
I use net gear booster cost 39.00 amazon
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