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Full Version: Forum Responsiveness Round 3 (June 13, 2015)
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Hello Gurus,  

We have had enough people have issues with page loading times, timeouts etc that we have changed hosting servers yet again.  At least for me, it has made a difference, but i hope that for those that were having issues that it is better.  

the symptoms were all over the place and some people had little to no issues, and others could hardly use the site.  

Scott, moved the forum last nite and it might take a day or so for the dns servers around the world to catch up with the change.  i could get on the forum just fine this morning.  it was alot faster for me.  

so, i really want your feedback so we can know if it made any difference in page loading times, less page timeouts etc.  


Tom and Scott
Working very well for me this morning. As fast, or faster, than I have seen it.
Seems to be MUCH faster for me. I am using Verizon broadband card for internet access.
Much better today!
Using my iPhone Verizon hotspot with LTE and it worked great before and is still working well. Russ
A whole lot faster for me, using verizon hot spot. Thank all of you for all you do ~
Speed is fine for me.

Works great now and on Time Warner cable modem
Thanks Tom, what a change and very fast now.
Works beautifully Tom. It skates right thru the Telia servers which Verizon routes traffic thru. These servers have long blocked or throttled goDaddy traffic. I'm in the process of moving WanderlodgeGurus to a new server to fix the Verizon Hotspot "dropped connections" problem. It's pretty tough trying to run a motorhome forum when our traveling members can't connect! Good Job!
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