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Full Version: TV heat vent
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We normally don't watch a lot of TV. Today as we monitored Irma, I guess we had it on for several hours when a blower fan came on that I had never heard before. I tracked it down behind the TV. I guess it is to ventilate excess heat from the original 42' plasma monitor ( you know the boat anchor mounted above the driver and passenger seats). It took about an hour for the thing to shut off. I was about to pop the breaker for the entertainment area when it finally went off. Are there any other controls besides the temperature switch that turned it on-off?

I suspect this would not be needed with a current TV?
when i first got mine, i replaced the old plasma tvs with lcd. i heard these fans all the time. since it is hot here in phoenix area most of the time, it was hot enough with just ambient air to turn the fans on. all they are is two small computer whisper fans each with a separate button bi metal type thermostat. i took them both out. the old plasma tv monitors that were in mine were like gigantic heaters. they put out a lot of heat. no need to cool the newer tvs.