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Full Version: 2nd darkest place in America.
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We stopped in Rodeo New Mexico , population 101. What a wonderful surprise. I wish we had a few days to spend here. All spaces are  200 ft pull thrus, 50 amp full hook ups.  Pretty level, with picnic benches and patios. Usable wifi, laundry, cafe , rally facilities ,and wonderful hosts. If you are a birder ,star gazer or hiker, or off roader, this is the place. 

It is rated as the 2nd darkest place in america, and I believe it. You can't see your feet without a flashlight at night. Many campers here have brought their telescopes with them.
 Rodeo New Mexico.

(BTW, Rusty is a lady )
Sounds like a cool stop, only about 35 miles south of I10