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Full Version: Newell Interpid 2.0
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I received this email today. The picture is attached. I wonder if this is an upgrade or you have to buy a new coach to get it? :-)

Newell is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved coach management
system, Intrepid 2.0. This is a complete redesign of our coach management system, with
new software, new hardware, new network wiring, and new features. Intrepid 2.0 offers all
the features and functionality of our first Intrepid system, but also includes:

o Wireless Connectivity through our proprietary Newell Intrepid app (available for
iOS and Android devices)
o Increased wireless functionality to control mechanical features such as Slides,
Dump Valves, Awnings, HVAC, Generator and more from your smart phone or
o Remote Coach Monitoring and Management with climate control, power
management, and customizable alerts and notifications

o More options for customization including: Personalized screen savers, individual
“Sleep-Time” settings and Scenes to adjust Lighting and Shades with 1-touch
preset buttons
o Automatic, cloud-based software updates with wireless connection will allow for
easy upgrades and feature enhancements
o Integrated internet connectivity with optional cellular card

Call Newell to explore the Intrepid Coach Management System today!
just what i would want. my grandkids playing on my phone and opening and closing the slides and dumps...

good stuff