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Full Version: Saw 34 Newells today !!!!! please read
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Today we pulled to Indio, CA after stying for 2 months near Ojai, CA ousited of Ventura.

We pulled to thsi amazing resort called Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, we are stying only 4 nights and heading down to Tucson, AZ for 2 rest of teh winter.

After setting in and driving our coach to our spot , we saw 6 Newells on teh way to our spot! so far most ever!

later we took our two dogs for walk around thsi country club resort and counted some 34 Newells and that is not all! We only walked outside loop of the resort.

Newell presitend and owner owns two lots here and everyone knows hime well!

Most coaches we saw here are:

Country Coach ( many high end models )
Newell mostly 2010 few 2012' and few 2000-2006
Essex by Newmar

The most funny thing we noticed that many owners have their golf carts made replicas of well knows cars, Mustangs, Fiat, Model, Cadillac T, Jeep and more very clever idea, they are minis of real thing!

Will walk more next day and see hwo many more Newells we can find it!
Another funny thing was how many wre from Montana , haha! few of them bend few rules here!

That area of Motorcoach Country Club is known as Newell Alley. You're right Karl & Alice Blade who own Newell Coach have 2 sites there on the beginning of the row.

MCC @ Indio is one of the nicest RV resorts I have ever seen.

Glad you enjoyed it and if you see the Blades stop by and say hi!
heard the Newell caravan of Indio may be heading across the road to Desert Shores
Left Earp, CA (just across the River from Parker, AZ) and now sitting at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trials Park in Menifee, CA. Only one Newell but I have seen a Provost, some Country Coaches and at least one Newmar.
When at Earp we did see the 80's Newell on the Arizona side of the River.