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Full Version: Flat screen upgrade in 86 Classic
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Hello to all. I have a 32 inch flat screen TV to install in our 86 coach . I want to mount it where the original was located in the overhead up front . Prefer a hinged arrangement,  curious about how fellow Gurus may have mounted tvs in their older coaches .
Hope everyone is having a great time out on the road !
Thanks, Chris
i put a 32" in my 90 years ago.  i am guessing my front overhead cabinets were similar.  my old tube tv was on a wood platform that newell had made that slid up into the cavity and then was screwed in place on each side in the side cabinets.  

we build a similar plywood mount and attached a tv mount to it and then the tv to it and just slid it back in, screwing it in place from the side cabinets.  

i also had to cut the side cabinet doors down on each side.  then we used the piece we cut off to attach to the cabinet frame and then re-edged the edges with vinyl iron on edging.  

here are the pictures i could find.

I had to install a 39”, 32” was to small. I have done a complete interior restoration. I plan posting pictures soon.

I had to move the stereo above the radar detector and cut the doors to to size but all worth it. This is the first motorhome I have installed a hinge on the tv. Wife wanted to have access behind for more storage.
I made a top hinge mounting bracket for the tv so I could use the space behind it for storage of DVDs.
I sized the tv to allow me to locate the DVD player under the tv. (I made a custom drawer with a hinged front panel so it matches the other cabinets when closed.)
I used a 'rooster' latch to keep the tv in the viewing position. When lifted up, the prop drops in place to hold the tv up to allow access to either side cabinet.
Thanks for the input , very helpful !
Kyleb version is closest to our set up , so I am using a store bought mount that will allow TV to swing up for access to cabinet doors , etc . I want to fab a custom mount , but time is a factor at the moment.  The TV mounted up just fine using the 100 X100 screw pattern. 
 Now for the problem : the threaded inserts for mounting are in the plastic case of the TV . This allows a lot of flex which wouldn't be an issue in a static environment , but I think the case will crack in highway use . 
I am wondering if there is a mounting bracket available that captures the TV at the edges for stability . 
Thanks again,
"Now for the problem : the threaded inserts for mounting are in the plastic case of the TV . This allows a lot of flex which wouldn't be an issue in a static environment , but I think the case will crack in highway use . "

Thanks for that - Now, I have to worry about dadgum thing hitting me in the head while riding down the road ! Rolleyes Tongue
I use Simpson helmets for racing , exclusively....
Since TV's of the same screen diameter have differing case sizes, it would be difficult for a manufacturer to accommodate the large variety of sets out there. I did some quick looking and didn't find any on the internet. You could make some additional brackets out of metal to add support to the top and bottom and tie into a 'standard' mount but it would take time and careful bending to achieve decent results.
I used a standard wall mount that allows the tv to be moved side to side. This also allows me to slide/ rotate it to the side for service. I then made small “ledges” to each side bottom corner of the bulkhead opening for the tv to rest on. There is a slight raised edge on each ledge to hold the tv tight to the front bulkhead.
Dean, do you remember which wall mount you used. Trying to find a TV mount that slides is tough. I use a full motion mount which works but getting it to stay securely in place without moving while driving has been a challenge.
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