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Full Version: Rear camera blank
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While waxing the coach a couple weeks ago, I decided  to clean up the clear plastic cover on the camera and flex seal it.  I also sealed around the camera as it was open on the edges and the camera was flexing in the opening.  I have since had 2 blown 5 amp fuses.  Is this merely a coincidence or is this going to involve some serious trouble shooting?  Any ideas on what direction I should take?  Thanks guys!
I had a rear camera issue that I created. I resealed the housing, and trapped existing moisture in the housing. But as Richard says, look for the simple first, IE loose connections, loose fuse terminations etc. Also does the fuse protect more than just the camera? 

BTW, congrats on keeping a 2cv on the road !

The board only shows the camera on that fuse.  Did you unseal it and solve your problem?  That's very interesting!
Several weeks open in summer time and all was well. Been working for 18 months since.
In other words, keep the plexiglass sealed, but open the space around the camera, right?

We just got to Mesa,Az. today, charged the battery  on the 2cv and took a spin!  Fun!
Correct ! Big Grin
Got camera working again by taking the sealer from around both the plexiglass and camera.  However,  it wants to still blow the 5 amp fuse.  Anything wrong with putting a 15 instead?  Thanks guys!
Putting a 15 amp fuse in place of a 5 amp fuse may allow a circuit board to fry. I would not do it ever again after screwing up my TV selector system.

You need to track down the reason 5 amp is blowing. Probably a wire rubbing a ground somewhere.
Not a good idea, I highly suspect that the camera "flexing" has created a short. You just happened to seal up the camera in a flexed position that created the short.