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Full Version: interesting gas stations
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hi all,

i took these pictures today of two different gas stations.  the hand pump one was empty, but i saw another just like it clear up in the mountains that someone was filling a scooter with.  you will have to look at all the pictures to find the ones of gas pumps.   ha

the second one was a bit more modern, but in a kinda hard place to get at and you had to avoid the livestock.

btw, these are in the mountains an hour and a half north of chiang mai thailand.  darlene and i are on a month vacation in asia.  singapore, thailand and bali and then back to singapore again and home.  

had an awesome day doing a 4x4 back trails of the mountains on horrible trails in a beat up old toyota 4x4 suv.  it crept and groaned and squeeked but made it everywhere.  we spent hours in first and second gear.  we went from sea level to about 5000 feet. 

the highlight of the day was a long trail drive to a hill people village that tourists dont go to.  we never saw another tourist on the trail, at the village or on the return route a different way.  we visited a school of young kids and passed out cookies to them.  it was so cool to see how appreciative they were.

we really have it good.  

i also posted a picture of the coolest decorated bus i have seen in asia.  

tom in chiang mai
Very neat Tom!
Very cool, Tom! Hope you and Darlene enjoy the rest of your trip!
Great pics Tom. Enjoy! Time to put some new graphics on 608?
Wow, sounds like a great trip. I have to say those gas pumps are cool. I've not seen anything like the first one at all.
Interesting pumps. Look much like a fuel-rite and other brands of hand crank pumps here in the US with the addition of a volume chamber on top (the glass part) in the pumps mounted on the barrels. Probably work very much like the old glass topped pumps found across the US years ago, but which are now mainly collector items.

Did you see the octane numbers on the larger pumps? I'm guessing that is the Research Octane Number (RON), although those numbers would be a little low for RON. We use the Anti Knock Index (AKI) in the US on gas pumps which is (RON+MON)/2. With MON being the Motor Octane Number. The numbers on those pumps are high for AKI if thats what they are, but I doubt it.
i did notice they were up to 95. but that said, there was no documentation on the pumps. putting it mildly ha

i dont think the old guy with no teeth smoking on the scooter held together with twine clear back in the mountains cared at all what octane the gas was while he was hand cranking the pump.


Looks like a super fun trip, enjoy it! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Thanks for the pics! cute little kids and the gas pumps are cool! I can ship your Razer over to you if you like! Lol. Have fun you two!
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