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Full Version: DASH CAM
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I’m shopping for a dash cam. 

Won’t be hard to select a good but.... where to mount it...

Does anyone have one?

Mounting with a split windshield? 

Came across this also. Permanently installed unit. MOBILEYE

Appreciate any help.
Mobileye RV website
Mobileye is not a dash cam. It’s a collision avoidance, pedestrian warning, and lane departure system.
I bought a YI! Dash cam from Amazon and it works great. It is mounted in my Jeep via suction cup and USB cable to the radio (has a USB connection). This cheap camera saved me a TON of $ when my coach rolled off a tow truck a while back. I now put that same camera in the coach when we are driving it. 32GB memory cards are cheap and will save DAYs of video. You might consider getting some type of camera mount on an extension that you can screw into the black plastic right behind the windshield. This camera has image stabilization so the camera picture is not bouncy even off-road in my Jeep Wrangler...
Your reply made me wonder if a looping DVR system could be integrated with the rear camera. Putting a camera in the tow vehicle facing aft is a great idea. 

I saw systems that incorporate several cameras and give a birds eye view. That would be a nice system for monitoring who’s beside us.
I settled on the Garmin 65 series.

Compact, Discreet GPS-enabled Dash Cam with an Extra-wide View
180-degree field of view captures more of the environment, including cross traffic
High-quality 2.1 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture; works even in low-light conditions
Forward collision and lane departure warnings¹ plus alerts for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras²
GPS-enabled with automatic Incident Detection (G-sensor) saves video footage on impact to show when and where events happened
Voice command³ allows you to start/stop audio recording, take a still picture or start/stop the Travelapse™ video capture feature
There is a forum thread you can get by googling dutch star and IRV2 and 360 cameras. The guy's coach had a non-HD new 360 camera setup, and it did not record. Since he already had the conduits, cabling, etc. he rewired it with HD optics and added recording. I believe he may have added a better monitor on the dash as well.
The rear view/side view monitoring system we have in the coach now (replaced the old Sony camera system) has capability to send the feed to an external source so a DVR may be in our future. This would be nice when stopped at Truck Stops or other nefarious places to watch things. The camera in my Jeep goes on/off with the ignition but could be easily wired to record continually. I’m going to add another cam to the rear window to watch the car behind me also... they make some windshield cameras that have front/rear facing views so you could watch someone steal your car...