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Full Version: Busted Speakers??
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My Newell had around a dozen speakers in it when I bought it. They were high-end , made by ADS. (Similar to Braun or Focal). About half of them needed new cones etc. Since I am a DIY kind of guy I bought the components and learned how to recone them myself. I have since re-foamed JBL monitor speakers successfully. If your coach's speakers are not working, buzzing etc. they may be repairable. I will offer advice and could possibly re-cone them for you for the cost of materials. If you would rather replace I might be interested in your non-operating speakers.
I would be interested in this! Our speakers sound ok at low volume only. I wish there was a subwoofer in the system but I have not found one. I would like info on re-coning the speakers please. I’ll have to remove one when I return to the coach next week. Thanks!
What type and size speakers are in your Newell? Are they in enclosures or mounted in the valance etc? Take a couple pics if u can
I replaced my original Alpines that are 22 years old. They are the 5 and 1/4 diameter . I was going to trash them