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Full Version: Winegard WiFi cell booster
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Thinking about buying a Winegard booster.
Anyone have any experience with this product?
We are in an area of South Carolina that has no bars of service on our cell phones, We will be here for 6 months and did not want to change carriers. We are 8 weeks in with a WeBoost drive 4g-x rv 470410. It cost a little more than the other units, but so far has served us well, and appears to be very well made  Can be powered by 12 volts dc or 120 volts ac. Built by Wilson Electronics, a long time  player in the electronics industry. The only drawback seems to be we need to be near the interior coach booster antenna. The limitation seems to be at about 15 feet. After re reading your post, I see your were asking for Wi Fi Cell booster. We have separate boosters, We Boost for cell service and PDQ for Wi Fi. Both have met our expectations.
I installed the Winegard Connect 2.0 cell booster last weekend. It was easy to install and setup. I also noticed it connected right away to my home router which is approximately 40' away through several walls and on a second floor. Even at that it still shows 57% signal which is even better then other connections we have at that distance. We are going out at the end of next week and will be able to fully test it. I will post my experience with it once we arrive.
Thanks for the replies, hope the test goes ok

I have a slightly older version, and it boosts one to two bars. But you have to be near the inside repeater for it to work well.

I learned after I installed that the repeater intended for car use has a very limited transmit distance. The same folks also make a repeater intended for small offices which has a greater transmit distance. If I were installing again, I would get the home office version.
Don’t have one yet, but in my research, the ConnecT 2.0 is not testing well in applications that have metal roofs. It’s a one piece design so the antenna that “broadcasts” into the vehicle for connection to your WiFi devices is actually outside in the unit’s base — the interior signal has to go through your roof.  Not a problem for lesser RV’s with Fiberglas or rubber roofs, but a potential signal killer for all-metal vehicles like Airstreams, Wanderlodges and, of course, Newells. Winegard still sells the 2 piece units with the separate interior antenna. It’s not the sleek dome of the 2.0 and is slightly older technology — I suspect this is what Richard has.

It would be nice to hear from someone who has real world experience with the 2.0 unit in a Newell.

Almost forgot, unlike earlier models, there are no external connection ports/jacks on the 2.0 so you can’t add a separate internal antenna.
I've been looking into different solutions, I replaced the factory radio in my toad with an Android radio. It has connections for AM/FM, WiFi and GPS. My stock AM/FM antenna was rather poor, so instead of installing the windshield WiFi antenna and roof top GPS antenna and living with poor AM/FM reception I bought a roof top shark fin antenna. It also has a 4G/LTE cable, I thought it would be nice to have enhanced 4G/LTE reception in the car too. I started looking into boosters for the cell signal and ended up with more questions than answers. Apparently mobile boosters are limited to a 50 dB gain that home/office boosters are not limited to. I started looking on to see what was available from China seeing as that's where most electronics come from anymore. I discovered that almost all the boosters used either 5 or 12v DC. What I found was you had to specify North America in the search because there is no world wide standard.

I use Google Fi as a carrier, and it uses Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular towers and WiFi and automatically switches to the strongest signal even in the middle of your calls. So I'm searching for a 4G/LTE booster that operates on North American frequencies that isn't limited to 50 dB gain and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

If this works on my toad I will definitely incorporate the same setup in my coach.
Great info


I think you are in the wrong forum.
Jon, do you find that you have good Fi service in remote areas? Any slowdowns or throttling?
I'm thinking of moving later this year when we get back from Alaska.
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