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Full Version: My OTA Heavy sigh!!
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So after getting the rv home I of course am sorting issues, I have been trying to get my local OTA channels with the smart tv that is in the salon (bedroom behemoth boat anchor tv gone already) with no success, so off I go to lowes to get a coaxial toner to search where the Wingard road star 2000 entered into the coach.

I toned all cables there was one in bedroom and one in salon the read "broken" so I guess that means that somewhere there is a break, I also found that the 12v rooftop wire was not connected at all.

Since my curbside salon slide houses the tv I dont see a way to run a new coax, I'm sure if I want it to work thats what I'll have to do.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Most Newells that I have seen run the antenna lead from the antenna to the cabinet over the driver/copilot area. There is typically a switch there that routes the signal to the various TV's, including another wire back to the bedroom. The power to the antenna is also controlled from a switch in the overhead cabinet in the front of the coach. Not sure if the same thing was done by 2005 or not.
my guess is there is a place where cables are run on both sides of the coach at the corner of the ceiling.

there is always a way to run new cable. i have run a zillion feet of it in mine. the other thing i did was to put a ota small antenna behind my tv. but my tv is on the front overhead.

Broken coax is not as likely as switched or disconnected between the two points you are testing.
Thanks for the replies, I have taken every coax apart from each of the four switch locations, front overhead, salon entertainment cabinet and two locations in master closet. None of the would tone the coax from the OTA from Upton. Is there something else that I am missing?

Hmm I do have a idea for the short term, one p.o. installed a wingard over the road dish? It's a big ole hangin thing that looks like a regular satellite to me.

I'll get a few pics when daylight hits, anyway I could steal that run for the time being and run a coax from the OTA directly to the sat coax which runs inside to tv cabinet. IMO whoever's ran this "new" cable oughta be beat with a wet noodle because it's not hidden at all.

Pics to follow.
I didn't get pics but, I did tap into the coax that was already there and ran a new one directly to the OTA,
Got 26 channels rights away, so first the short term I'm ok.
At Guy,
I did find another location right above the door with some cable behind a panel. I'm hoping one of these is the correct one.

More things to find, this is fun!!
Well I finally had time to re-tackle chasing coax cable.
I was able to locate the over the air point of entry into the coach above the front door. Both cables to set 2 were up there, I literally pulled all the old equipment, wires and junk. I feel its back to the way it left the factory. We are going very simple with just regular TV and using Netflix. I will miss my hgtv but thats ok.