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Full Version: Aquahot for dummies?
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I have a Low Tank cutoff (red light) and a low temp cutoff green light both illuminated. I went to CW today to buy some boiler antifreeze, topped off the tank (main) and made sure the overflow bottle had an adequate  level of coolant. After making sure everything was topped off, red light still on and I get no hot water. I checked all the fuses (good) reset the main breaker, check. NOTHING??

She will not fire with elec. or diesel, I am assuming that as long as that red light is on it will stay in safe mode. Is there a reset switch?? I've looked at the manual and it says "the light will reset itself once fluids are at the appropriate levels"

Scratching my head. Any ideas on how to get that light out?


I'm not familiar with the newer models of Aquahot but did you pull the main fuse to remove 12 volt DC power or just the 120/220 AC breaker? I would think the AC voltages would only affect the electric elements but the DC voltage would shut down the controller and should reset it.
Try pulling the main 12 volt DC power for a few minutes and see if that works. If not call Rudy, he is extremely helpful.
Rudy Legett at 713-818-3234
Look around on the black box control unit for a reset button.
Sounds like failed "Low Tank Sensor". Unplug harness to the sensor and jumper the harness together, I use a 5, 10 or 15 amp car blade fuse. But any jumper will work.

Art Twaddell is factory authorized service on the California central coast and very good his phone is 8 zero 5 7 one 2 9449

What model heater do you have in that 2000 coach?
Thanks guys,
It is model AHE-120-04X
, that's the button I want to find ?
, I'll go see if the status changed on its own overnight. I'll put in a call. The DW isn't feeling the cold showers right now. Not too happy
Trainor, Correct, I jumped them together and the light went out. Ill call Art and see what it'll take to change the float sensor.