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Full Version: Adding a Second Roof Satellite Receiver
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i have the rf mogul directv sat system. it is great, but is not in motion.

you can buy alot of streaming services for the cost of another sat system.

I talked to a guy at the RV park about it. He uses a hopper and satellite Joeys.

Can you provide detail on mounting the antenna and what it was like to enter the roof?

Did you have to shim the antenna for level? What length bolts? Sealing the antenna base?

What did you use to drill/cut a hole in the metal roof covering?

Anything you can provide will be helpful.

What do you do to remind you the antenna is up before pulling out? On my Winnebago I hung the keys from the OTA antenna crank handle.

Thank you!!
I have installed two sat dishes.

I used the existing entry hole, so I am no help there. But on other installs like cell phone and internet antennas, I used a longer run of cable secured to the roof, and went in the existing opening. I used the 4 cable shield supplied with the dish, and gooped it with Dicor.

The mounting screws will come with the dish. They are self tapping. You do not need to level or shim the base. You will goop the perimeter of the base with Dicor to seal it. I also gooped the heads of the screws on the base, and screws that I used in the cable clips to secure the cable.

A trick if you use the cable clips is to completely cover them with Dicor, else the sun eventually takes it’s toll on the plastic.

And we have a bright orange lanyard that is looped on the steering wheel when the dish goes up.
Everything what Richard says is correct but on my 2003 they used expansion foam in the ceiling so there is no way to pull the old cables out (I had a bad cable) or run new ones in the same area without removing the ceiling to get to everything. Since I also replaced the old mechanical antenna and added a Winegard wifi dish; and I wanted an individual cable to each TV I needed to run more wires then what were originally installed. I drilled a 3/4" hole about an inch back from where the front cap attaches, approximately 2' from right of center line on the roof. I ran the cables in which come out right above where the controller will sit as well as your dish box. Then I attached the Winegard CE4000 cover plate (which is a 4 wire cover plate but they also make 3, 2 or 1 as well) using the screws provided and sealed everything with the Dicor sealant like Richard said. I have had no leaks or issues doing it this way and you can't see the cables or cover plate unless you get up on the roof.

If you mount the Winegard SK-1000 on the centerline of the coach (which is what I did) the roof has a slight crown so you will have a small gap on either side on the base when you attach the satellite to the roof but it's not enough for the sealant not to seal it up properly. snug up the screws but do not over tighten them because even though the aluminum roof is pretty thick it will strip out the hole's if you get carried away.

If you feel you have enough mechanical ability this is a fairly easy and rewarding project. If not most RV businesses can handle this for you.
Thanks for all of the info. I’ve received all of the equipment, looking for the right time to get started. 
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