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Full Version: Adding a Second Roof Satellite Receiver
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Good afternoon,

Last year I replaced the original rooftop satellite antenna with a in-motion unit, the Winegard RoadTrip T4 Satellite Antenna. 

It works as expected driving down the road. It works fine stationary on the front, primary tv. While the antenna is designed for two receivers... that’s where the trouble begins. Wife Not Happy trying to watch satellite TV in bedroom. 

So, it’s time to ADD antenna #2... a stationary rooftop unit. 

Mounting the antenna should be straight forward. Bolt it to the roof and seal up the mounts. 

Entering the coach with wires is my question. 

It appears to me for the original antenna wires, Newell has a hole into the front area of the coach covered by a fairing and sealant. I’ve considered using the existing access but I’d prefer to have a access point that can be used for multiple items if needed. “Items” would include satellite antenna wiring, future solar panel wires, cellular booster system, cameras, lights, the list goes on. It will be easy enough to develop a conduit network for wiring after I figure out a way to enter the coach in a waterproof way... 

Any ideas, suggestions, advice will be greatly appreciated. 

(This is a revised post... I guess the original one got scrambled in the process) 
i have to admit i am a bit puzzled on this.

you want to have two sat dishes on your coach?

we dont watch tv while driving so my sat dish is only for being parked. and when parked, i can watch with my genie system different channels on each of the 3 tv's as long as there is a receiver at each one.

and rather than the expense of adding a second dish (which i still dont understand why) and someone wanted to watch tv while driving, we would stream shows to that tv using the rokus i have at each tv.

am i missing something?

Here’s what I’m talking about.

The boss wants her Fox News at night!!

The problem statement is not clear to me.

Is the problem that the existing sat dish does not actually support two tuners?

Or is the problem the existing sat dish does not communicate with the rear tuner?
Okay here’s the deal. 

My current roof top satellite antenna, the Winegard in-motion Sat Ant supports two receivers. 
The primary receiver is dedicated to the front TV. In theory the bedroom receiver “should” allow a person to watch programming on the networks that use the same transmission satellite that the front receiver is tuned to but in reality it’s sketchy. Constant loss of signal notification, reset receiver, and so on...

Non the less, I’m planning on a second Sat Ant that folds for travel. Once parked it is directed to the southern sky. It can support three TVs. I’ve got TVs in the front, bedroom, and basement. 

My questions is:

What’s the best location and technique to bring new wires/cables into the coach from the roof. I can use the original Newell location but is anyone has done something else I’d be interested to hear about it. 

I know how to enter the rear cap and bring wires into the area where our electrical CB panel is located (in rear closet). 

I’ll spend the money time and effort so Kristi can watch her show...