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Full Version: Aqua Hot Tank Replace or Repair
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My Coach is at Newell and they just called and said I need a new tank ($6,500 estimate).  Yikes, I'm not clear on how much this is leaking, it seemed ok last time I used the system.  Are there any other alternatives, cheaper repair outlets.  I'm located in Oklahoma. 


Is it the tank leaking coolant or is it the copper tubing that is wrapped around the tank leaking fresh water?
If it is the copper tubing leaking water then if you're up to the task the tubing can be replaced. There are a couple guys on the Foretravel forum that have done the tubing replacement. It appears to be a somewhat difficult job but certainly doable. If you're interested I can direct you to their posts.
They said it was leaking coolant.

I have a similar vintage coach and I fought coolant leaks for a couple of years before I bit the bullet and had Newell do the tank replacement.

There is a small chance that there is a leak that can be fixed without changing out the tank. The tube that goes from the tank out the top of the AH box can develop a leak. Roger Berke developed a sleeve that fit down over the pipe and holds a new cap that seals the leak. Rudy (Trainer) is an AH certified repairman. Ask him about this fix. He can give you more details.

In my case, I had the tube leak, but also a tank seam leak. It is a BIG job to take the AH unit out, take it apart and replace the tank. Newell is one of the very few places that are set up to do the job. It is expensive but in my case was a lot less money than replacing the entire unit. I believe that Rudy can also replace your whole unit with a rebuilt one.

My AH leaked when I got the coach and I suspect that the tank had frozen at some point causing the leak.

Good luck!
Thanks for the Information Bill. I'll talk with Newell tomorrow and verify.
If it is leaking coolant where the exhaust pipe exits the tank, then let Newell replace the tank. It will only get worse. I have attempted to repair one like that only to discover the entire area was rotten. No brazing or welding was going to work.
Thanks Richard, I'm pretty sure that's where it's leaking. Not something I'm ready to tackle for sure.
Dump 30 0z. of pepper in there and it will seal it. But if it's already in the shop at Newell you may be too late to have given this a good try.
I support Newell doing the work as they are excellent. I talked to them this week regarding a tank replacement. I was told Aqua Hot no longer would sell them a tank, it was Reman or else.

If a Newell performed reman has to have your heater removed, sent to Aqua Hot, fixed and sent back, that is a nearly one month turn around with no heat or hot water from the Aqua Hot.

I have contacts that will provide me a Newell level reman heater so I can replace a broken heater in one day.

Again, not trying keep Newell from doing the work, just offering a fast turn around if that helps.
I went ahead and had Newell do the work. I believe they had one tank left so it should not have to be sent off. Figured I should get it done while they still have a tank in stock. Thanks for the advise.
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