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Full Version: Generator quits
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Checked with Newell and was told that fuel pickup in the primary diesel fuel tank is purposely placed higher in the tank and with less than a quarter tank full may not siphon fuel adequately.  In addition if the fire extinguisher is not pressurized and in the green zone it will short the system and prevent starting the generator.  The cause of ours stopping was simply need of coolant.  Once the reservoir and overflow tank were properly filled the problem resolved.
thanks for the reminder about the fuel pickup placement. as far as i know that is the case with all of our newells that have a single tank.

if it is warm at all, our genny is running from the time we leave till we get plugged in somewhere.

In jackflash’s post called “fuel tank leak” is a picture of the pickup tubes from my coach.  Scroll down to #8.  Pretty much the whole fuel tank replacement job is there illustrated with pictures.