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Full Version: classic furnace
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I am going to be removing the classics furnace from under the bed to make way for the Alde hydronic system....I will give it to anyone in need of parts. It is in great condition never used by po. The omly missing item I can find is the exhaust which was removed when the bus was repainted and blanked over
pm me for deets
Hello Steve.
Is the furnace still available? I presume it’s the same propane heater in my ‘80, I’m definitely interested. What about the 110 electric, are you keeping that one? Thanks in advance. Mike
If anyone needs to replace their 120 volt heaters, the King PAW pick a watt heaters are still available. They are almost plug and play when removing the old heater. You can find them on Amazon. When installing them, their are multiple leads to pick from. You can set the heater up to draw 250, 500,750, 1000, or 1250 watts. I believe they were about 170 dollars.
Thanks Guy, I have 4 of the square D models that were on recall. The squirrel cage fan in the bedroom is really making a racket. I probably should replace it soon.