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Full Version: 14 mm hex bit, and why you may want one
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If you have Knorr Bremse disc brakes on your coach, you may want to put one of these into your tool box. The caliper pins are bolted in with a bolt that takes 14 mm hex to remove. If you are in TimBuk2 with a stuck caliper, you could in a pinch remove the caliper pins from the backside with this tool. You could clean them up, grease them, and put them back in without removing the wheel or the brake caliper. It’s not the proper way to do it, but it can be done.  

Not ideal, but as another owner will tell you, a stuck caliper could result in a fire. 

You will not find this tool at your local hardware, Lowe’s, or NAPA. 

If you were really stuck, you could take a bolt with a 14 mm hex head, thread two jam nuts on it, and use that to remove the pins.
If you have a Harbor Freight nearby, for $10 you can get a hex bit socket set that includes 14mm.