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Full Version: Chassis or Start Battery Size 96 Coach
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I have a 1996 coach with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine.  My start batteries need to be replaced and was wondering what is the appropriate size in CCA and CA on these 8d batteries?  I'm probably going to use AGM batteries and would like to hear any recommendations on the best place to purchase the batteries?.  

hi jerry,

i have an 02. i put standard flooded batteries for my starting batteries. and i use agm for the 6 coach batteries. both of them i get from oreillys. i pay around 200 for flooded and 400 for agm. i do have a thread on the oreillys agm batteries

thats my two cents worth

Thanks Tom, I'm they have a couple of choices so I will go with the 1700 CCA battery. It's only $20 more.

get some help with those devils. The location down in that well is tough lifting for us older guys.
richard is right. i usually get my son in law who can lift a truck to help

Or call the place where you'll buy them and see if they will remove and place the new ones in your coach. If there's enough place to park.
The batteries look very large and heavy, so good advice to get someone to help or to install. I was looking at the battery choices and the largest Oreilly has is 1425 CCA and 1755 CA, which I assume is fine. They also sell 1100 CCA, but only $20 less, so I will go with the more powerful.
Yep, they weigh about 160 pounds each! Good exercise for a couple high school football players....
Agreed, thanks