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Full Version: gas grill connection question
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Hi everyone. So I got a new grill for the coach. But I am struggling on how to connect it to my onboard propane. I have a gas connection point in one of the bays that I am pretty sure is for a grill. I want to get an extension hose so that I can move it away from the coach when in use. I have found plenty of hoses that would get the job done. I just don't know about the connection.  The attached pictures are of the gas connection on the grill and the connection point in the bay (capped off right now).

I would appreciate any input.

Thank you, Tony

It is easier than you are thinking.

Looks like the capped connection in the coach is either regular NPT pipe threads or a standard compression fitting. Can’t tell with the cap on. Take the cap off and post another picture.

Anyhoo, buy some rubber fuel line that fits the barb fitting on the grill. Then get from the the NPT or compression fitting to a barb fitting for the tubing on the coach side. Use small hose clamps or pinch clamps to seal the rubber hose to the barbs.
Hey Richard,

Hope the trip is going well. Thanks for the feedback. I have attached a couple of pictures of the fitting. The grill came with two connection lines. One that works with a 1lb LP bottle and one that works with the standard 20 lb version.

The fitting on the grill is a threaded and has that nipple that is sticking out. Are you saying that I should connect the hose directly to this piece and use a hose clamp to secure it? Just trying to be clear.

Thanks again

The fitting with the valve is a standard 37 degree JIC fitting, and you can find mating parts at lowes. You need enough fittings to Frankenstein from the JIC fitting to a hose barb.

And it looks like the fitting on the grill is a simple hose barb.

You are not showing pictures of the grill fitting to use propane bottles or tanks.
Just make sure you don't have 2 regulators to your grill.
Is your fitting on your coach before or after the regulator? If after then you don't want another regulator on the grill. If before you definitely want a regulator on the grill.
Thanks Richard and Oliver. 
The grill will be located after the onboard gas regulator so no problem there.
I have included pics of the connection point at the grill and the connector for the gas bottle.
I have done a little more digging. I was able to locate a source for the grill side connector and should be able to easily build a set up for the  coach side.