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Full Version: Classic Shocks
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I just finished replacing the front shocks, a couple air bags and brake shoes on the front of my classic. The shocks were still the factory originals, spray foam covered and all, Gabriel S2607B. Gabriel lists 85702 as a standard replacement. I was looking for something a little better. I believe the Koni replacement should have been 90-2434, but I got conflicting information about that model still being in production. I found Gabriel offered an adjustable gas shock SLX 89412 that seemed to be correct. In comparing the shocks these are the specifications I found.


The Gabriel is adjustable and the rebound is supposed to be the firm setting. I installed them at the extra firm setting. First 400 miles have been great, but those factory originals were pretty tired anyway. They did settle the front down and I think a pair on the back would really help too.
I'd have liked to be riding with you on those first miles after replacement. Grinning might be at its peak then followed by "why didn't I do this sooner?"
I remember my first set of 4 new tires on a car. It may have been going from bias to radials but the difference in the ride was huge.