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Full Version: Mystery Radiator Spray Nozzles
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[attachment=8664]There are two of these spray nozzles, one on each side. The PVC pipe attached to them appears to come from a solenoid valve back in the water compartment although the piping is difficult to trace back. Are they some kind of a system to mist the radiator with water for extra cooling?
That appears to be an owner installed misting system to use during long assents in hot weather. If working properly, it will increase the heat transfer from the radiator.
michael is spot on. it is a misting system to cool the radiator more. i have to admit i considered doing one when i saw one on another 8v92 when i had mine. high temps going up long steep grades always scared me with the 90.

I guess you would have to use it a lot to have problems with mineral buildup. The physics of it make a lot of sense.
For what it's worth, my Newell came with a bunch of tech bulletins - one discussed capacity of the cooling system -- If working properly, at full power, it will reduce the coolant temp by 125F.

So, anytime the ambient temp is above 85F . . . .
A couple of alternatives: 1) use sparingly and watch for the beginning of mineral deposit buildup on the radiator or 2) tie it into a separate container of distilled water so mineral buildup is not an issue. Distilled water at Wal-Mart is pretty inexpensive by the gallon.
That looks interesting , wouldn't be too difficult to make . Distilled water a good idea.