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Full Version: Generator slide leak
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Hi All,

I just noticed yesterday that I had a slow drip coming from the very front, middle of the coach. Extended the generator and noticed hydraulic drops all along the slide ram.

Where we're at, our leveling has the front of the coach practically touching dirt, so I can't get very far under the coach to assess much more, but it is my belief at this point that either the ram is leaking or one of the hoses.

I'd like to cap and plug off the generator ram so that we don't drop a bunch of fluid every time we put the slides in or out until we can get it fixed. But I'm having trouble identifying which lines from the manifold are for the generator ram.

We're HWH and have 2 slides (flat floor salon and non-flat floor bedroom) plus the generator slide.

Our manifold has the 12 of the older T handle solenoids split across 2 connected manifolds. I presume 6 for front slide (EXTEND, RETRACT, LOCK, UNLOCK, FLOOR UP, FLOOR DOWN), 4 for rear slide (no FLOOR), and then 2 for generator EXTEND and RETRACT.

I've tried looking at all of the labels that are still attached to find the solenoids for the generator, but rather than being labelled as the generator slide, I have 3 ROOM EXTEND, ROOM RETRACT pairs.

The HWH docs don't show a diagram for this configuration. They just show a config for 10 solenoids / 2 rooms. Their diagram shows the flat floor as the lower manifold and the bedroom as the top. I'm assuming that the generator option just replaces the top with another 6 solenoid manifold and that the generator slide is on the end, but I don't want to get caught out by a bad assumption.

I'm also trying to figure out the hoses -- which is my ultimate goal, of course, so I can cap/plug the hose and manifold. There are only 3 hoses on the back of each manifold block. From the HWH docs, it looks like the cap end comes into the back of the manifold and the rod end comes in the top or side. What's odd to me is that my lower manifold only seems to have 2 rod end lines coming back into it.

And lastly, are these all JIC 1/4" ID hydraulic connectors?
I can tell you about 567 which may be different.  On the upper set of solenoids, the extend and retract lines are closest to the DS  wall.  I made up a test jig to insert in the 2 pin weatherpack connectors with a indicator lamp.  By activating the generator slide switch, you can identify the solenoid.  This will get you close to the line.  Remember this system works at 3200psi, be very careful.  

I was at Bristol when the extend line gave up from rubbing on the strap holding the lines in place.  Had the slides out about 8” when it let go.  Had to identify the line set and isolate.  And, yes, they are 1/4” JIC. I now keep a set of caps and plugs!

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Gordon. I was thinking it was likely those 2 solenoids. Do you recall where the cap end line connects to the manifold?

I'm thinking I might just disconnect the cap end lines one at a time and try to run the generator in and out to just find them by brute force. But I'd like to have parts on hand so I don't keep leaking fluid after running the pump up to pressure again before I do so. And of course, this waited to happen until I'm over 90 minutes away from the nearest Parker store for the first time in 9 months.
my hydraulic generator slide has 4 valves for it. in, out, pin lock and unlock

I've never noticed a locking pin. I've not seen one, and I don't hear one engage or disengage when I run it in or out. I don't think there's enough solenoids for there to be one, either.

I have the larger solenoids with the T-Handle where they are all on the same side of the manifold. I think yours are the newer, smaller ones mounted on both sides, right Tom?
Paul,  this picture may not be the some as yours but it is a starting point.

You may want to use the Search function and read the numerous posts starting 9-17-2015 titled "lost all HWH hydraulic fluid".
Thanks Gordon. I just got off the phone with Newell and Mark pointed out the same 2 hoses as the ones labelled in your picture.

Chester - yep, I had found and read your post from before. Just wanted to get the right 2 hoses without playing a bunch of poke and hope on it. Luckily my leak if relatively small at this point, so I want to cap it off before I lose any significant amount of fluid.

Gordon and Chester - could you see where your hose was leaking before pulling the generator out? I'd like to figure out if I need a ram or a hose before I get to that point.
Why not put your coach in travel mode, which should raise the front enough for you to see the leak?
My hose burst at the back of the generator. I doubt you will see anything by raising the coach since there should be a pan under the generator which directs the air out of the coach.

Sorry, posted coach rather that air exiting the back of the generator.
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