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Full Version: My Aquahot 431 is ALIVE! Temp?
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After much head scratching and several calls to Rudy for his most excellent advice, I have managed to get my Aquahot working on Diesel! I now have heat and hot water! Truly incredible. I cam take a hot shower again.(Believe me.. you WANT me to shower!)

Next up is replacing some cooked wires and the 120V element so it will work on Electric as well.

I am pleased. very pleased. I love Newell Good News! We should have a topic for triumphs and wins.

Also, also, my red light above the aquahot diesel switch doesan;t work, but then again neither does the cyberdyne gauge. i wonder if they get power from the aquahot bay??

Temp sensor...located! Does it have one or two wires attached to it??

One on the temp sensor.
So.. I have, in hand, the correct 120V 1650 Watt AH heating element. I am in process of running fresh wiring for the electric side of the AH in my Coach. The 240V one looks like's it's in good shape and ohms out properly.

The question: Is there a pressing need to have the 1650W element running at all?

My diesel side is running nicely and in order to replace the 120V element I will have to drain and refill the AH tank. That's assuming the 120V element will come out without a fight which may be doubtful.

Would there be a real impact losing 1650 Watts of heating?
Rick, Abandoning the 120 vac element in place is just fine. The 240 vac elemnt will work fine as long as you are plugged into a 50 amp power post or your generator is running.

It would not work the very rare times you are connected to a 30 amp power post or to a shop's 20 amp power plug.
That's what i figured... I just have the OCD issue with things not working Smile

Shouldn't the 240v element work on 120v at half power???

120V is one leg to neutral. 240V is one leg to the other leg, no neutral.
Ahh.. that explains it.