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Full Version: Aquahot Electrical Diagram for Newell 240V wiring
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Hey All,

 Since it was a bit cooler today, I figured i would begin replacing the  cooked AH wiring for the 120V heating element.

I had printed a diagram to give myself a fighting chance to pull the correct wires to the correct places.

The diagram is for AH's with only the 120v heating element.

I have three holes punched out in the electrical (small removable pane on front) The top one goes to the Contactors and is easy to trace. Then I have the punchout on the right, wires going to the right. And TWO punchouts on the left an upper and a lower. Most of these appear shorted to the case, so checking continuity really didn't give me a good idea of what goes where.

Across the area where I have the limit thermostats there are two romex like shielded cables. One appears to go down to the 240V heating element...the other ?????

I have attached two pictures (terribly taken!)

Maybe someone has a diagram or knows how to wire it all up?

I'd really like to have at least the 240v working for winter storage at my house.

Call Rudy Leggett (Trainer), he is the resident Aquahot expert. Also peruse Roger Berke's site RV Hydronic Repair, there is a wealth of info on there including wiring harnesses.
Thanks.. I spoke with Rudy and have emails out to the other folks. Seems usual... I have a non-standard setup.

Learning every day!

There are a lot of service manuals at the documentation library at  Maybe one of them covers your situation.  

You don’t say your model number but maybe they have the one you are looking for.

It's the "standard" Newell install the 431XE/12 2 Heating elements 220v and 120v.

The main difference is I seem to have non-standard wiring and do not have the $500 DPST manual reset thermostat in the bottom right position.

Trying to figure it all out now.

After a TON of research and speaking to "vintage" folks (well more vintage than me at least! It was discovered that the DPST limit thermostat with manual reset was added sometime later than my AH serial number.

Although NO ONE had the proper wiring for what I currently have, there was/is a service bulletin from AH (S-112)  that goes over a kit to retrofit the old style to the new one. The wiring is way different.

I looked around for a less expensive source for the Sensata/Klixon DPST snap disc limit thermostat to no avail. Best price was around 450+shipping!

When I spoke with Newell they had them...for 384.00 not the best bargain, but incredibly the best price by far.

I am awaiting pricing from the manufacturer (through several master distributors) for this "unobtanium" part. Just in case.

I am likely going to run all new wires for each terminal as they go to different places and to different destinations.

Lot's of photos will follow as i do this. I'm learning a lot about my coach and all it's systems... I like that Smile
Does anyone have a wiring schematic/diagram for the Junction box wiring in our dual element AH's? The Service Bulletin I posted has everything BUT where the wires in the J-box connect to.

Perhaps someone can take a picture of their contactor on the aquahot bay way (open) and a photo of the wiring going into the j-box on the AH itself? Not the one with the thermostats.... the one on the side facing the outside of the coach.

Or a diagram for wiring the contactor to the AH lines?

Also, is the contactor in the bay JUST 120/220v with the Electric AH switch being 12V feeding another relay someplace else? Or is it a 12V DC to 120/220v contactor? I'm learning...albeit slowly!
Rick, The interior electric switch sends a signal to one side of the electric elements control thermostat. If that thermostat is closed, the signal goes onto the signal connection on the relay mounted on the forward wall of the bay. This closes the relay entergizing the two 120 vac power wires going to the electrcal entrance of the heater and from there to the top two connections on the high limit thermostat. And on from there to the two electric elements.

One bottom terminal of the high limit thermostat goes to the 240 vac element. The other bottom terminal with 2 wires goes to the other side of the 240 vac element and to one side of the 120 vac element. The other side of the 120 vac element goes to ground.

Hope this helps you
Theoretically that makes lots of sense. Practically, I have some questions. Is the aforementioned "control thermostat the top right one in the aquahot box? If so, I have two wires (listed as blue on the wiring diagram from AH) going into the J-Box. I diagram of this whole shebang would be sooo helpful!

Attached are some photos of the latest version of the install/retrofit. All the wiring to the elements and thermostats and on to the J-box is correct (as per your description and the S-112 Service bulletin) All the wiring to the contactor on the bay wall is unchanged.  Just need to know how to tie them together before I apply power.

I won't be home until Thursday to try anything out... which is a bummer.

Thanks for any help!! Can't let the magic smoke escape!
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