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Full Version: Driver's Seat Arm
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So, I have been doing a lot of repair and refurbishment to get my New (to me) Newell out on some extended trips. One of the things that is driving me crazy is the Flexsteel(?) Villa(?) Driver's seat right arm.

When folded down, it simply flops to the seat cushion. If I push on it hard enough when it's vertical I can get it to stay sort of horizontal, but it's still pointed a bit down. NOT conducive to comfortable driving.

I have figured out how to remove the arm by rotating it backwards until the pin lines up and then pulling it out. There seems to be no real mechanism nor adjustments inside. Just a keyhole shaped entryway  with two "walls" inside.

Anyone know how it works and what to do to adjust or repair it? Am I missing pieces?

Reviving this thread as I am at the Newell factory and no one here knows how to fix this!

You probably won't want to hear/read this, but the best solution is a new seat. I installed two new custom ordered seats from Been very happy with the fit and finish as well as comfort. Arms are adjustable. Took 7 months to have them made/shipped but that was in the heyday of Covid.
You're correct. I am sure there is a fix. After all, it's only metal and fabric.

These are not the infinitely adjustable ones, just two positions, UP or horizontal. It will stay in the horizontal position if pressed in before moving, but will fall after a while. So it's not "catching" properly.