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Full Version: Any idea What THIS is?
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While running LED RGB strips in the valences, I can across the ceiling board mounted device. It only has one Green/White striped wire connected to it and is made by (or perhaps designed by) Summit Products Corporation.

Anyone have any idea what it is?

Do you have an electric awning? That looks similar to the awning controller in 653.

There are obviously some 12 solenoids on the board but since there is only a single green wire, I suspect that the board is non operational.

Agreed, I am sure it's not doing anything at the moment, but I'd sure like to know what it DID. No powered awnings, I'm afraid. It's located above the driver's seat behind the AC Generator gauge/switch panel which also house the Video switcher, and the auto gen start.
If I'm not mistaken, Summit Electronics was a player in the Radar Detector market back in the day.