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Full Version: New satelite receivers to old TVs
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Dish recently had me replace my house receiver which has 2 TVs working off of it.  The tech did a get job. Now my problem.  They also said that I needed to replace the old receivers in the coach.  The tech left them at the house because coach was in the garage and they were supposed to be pretty much just plug & play for someone of my limited electronic skill set.  When I went to replace my old receivers with the new ones, I discovered to my horror that the new ones do not have the old screw on coax connections for output to the TVs.  Bear in mind my coach is a 1992 with original TV's.  Is anyone aware of an adapter that will connect the receiver HDMI output to screw on coax connections for the TV inputs?  I'm happy with the old TVs and not really wanting to fix something that works for what I want it to do.
Does your tv's have rca connectors, and the receivers have optical? If so this might work:
If not search for coax to hdmi adapter on Amazon.