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Full Version: Circulation Pumps needing a tap?
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Some times one  or more of my circulation pumps needs a slight tap to startup. Not very hard at all. And I do not believe its the one way valve at the T. Though I could be wrong.

Is there any way to figure out or fix the issue.. It seems to always do it when i am already in bed! Running outside in the cold to tap the pump is not ideal!

To figure out the issue, use a clamp on DC ammeter on the suspect pump WHEN it is not functioning.
If it is pulling current then the issue is not the motor.

Could be the check valve.

Could be the cube relay on the AH that controls the motor. Swap relays with another zone and see if the problem follows the relay.
I Identified the noise from the motor. I've also ordered new brushes for all of them.

More motor questions. AH 100 series March pump. I have two plastic plugs on the motor sides and one on the back. The side ones  (where a brush goes) are acting normally. The one on the back of the motor, in the center... is spinning. That's what's making the noise. Is this another cover? What's it covering? If so, How do i get it out if it's just spinning. Looks like, maybe, someone screwed it down too far and it went past the threads.


Also looking for same model spare pump(s)

Do you have a part number and or source for the brushes?
Rick @"Wanderman" ,

It sure would be nice to have the info on the replacement brushes. Those pumps are pricey, and brushes and a new gasket would probably put most of them back into service.
The Gaskets and the teflon shaft seal part numbers are below. I used Tesco pumps as they had the best deal at the moment.
MAR 0809-0043-1000
MAR 0809-0165-1000

I am working on sourcing a completely different pump/motor that would be a direct replacement and about half the price.

Stay tuned.
Is that also where you sourced the brushes?

It requires a total replumb, but some folks are using 12v water pumps used in VW Jettas.
I have not gotten the correct sized brushes yet. We need 6.3mm square (.025 x .025 x .05") with a particular contact style. I have several coming that aren't 30USD each!

The new version ones will NOT require replumbing. Same basic flow rate and amp draw specs.. We shall see.
If your supplier doesn't work out. I have had much luck with  
a division of Arrowhead Electric in Santa Fe Springs, Ca.
They are a supplier to motor shops, but also sell retail. 800 600-7311  [email protected]

Good luck