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Full Version: Towing a 2018 Ram 2500 diesel
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Does anyone tow a 4x4 Ram 2500 diesel? Would this be killing fuel mileage towing a 8000lb truck? It is the only 4down toad besides my wife's Smart car that has room for more than two people.
When I had my 39' 1993 with same engine IIRC I got about 6mpg and about 1/2 mpg less towing a 4x4 Silverado with a RZR in the bed (about 6000#). So I'd guess you might lose 1/2-1 mpg towing your Ram.
Oh, that's not bad. I was having sugar plum fairy visions of getting around 3mpg with the truck.
Towing 28 ft enclosed trailer, probably 10 k # , 4.9 mpg . I try to maintain 60 / 62 mph , but end up 65 /70 if not careful . Pushing a barn door takes muscle , coach aero package not great . As an aside , I isolated the main and aux tanks on a trip in October to get a picture of generator fuel usage , .54 gph .
I think your DDEC engine is more fuel efficient , won't be drastically affected by the pick up in tow .
I’ve flat towed a 1995 K2500 , various Jeep Grand Cherokees, trailered a 2013 RAM Cummins . Typically less than 1 mpg difference. I think fuel consumption was affected more in the hills.
Towing our Cherokee at 65mph on the flats we get 8mpg. On the hills it is less. Anywhere from 6.5 to 7.2 depending on how I put my foot into it.
Busnit has an 8v92TA. Huge difference in mpgs than your series 60. In my 1998 we got 8-10 towing the Silverado with RZR in the bed. Never saw anywhere near that good in the 1993 with 8v92.
I tow a 2004 2500HD Silverado with a Rancho lift kit and heavy off road tires. Usually have some cargo in the bed. With the Cat C15 engine, the milage is not very much affected by the presence of the toad. Roughly expect 5 to 5.5 mpg when operating at 70 to 75 mph and semi mountainous roads. Expect 6 to 6.5 mpg driving 60 to 65 mph on relatively flat roads such as Florida and Southeast states. Driving without toad gives me better acceleration but not noticeable improvement in mpg.
We have towed our 2500 Ram, 6.7L Diesel, Quad Cab long bed with an XP 1000 RZR, 30 gallons of fuel in the bed, plus welder, cutting torch, and extra steel in the bed with no issues. we did upgrade from the 10,000lb Blue Ox to a 12,000 Hercules last year though.

I have trailer towed F-250 crew cab 4x4, F-350 crew cab 4x4 and flat towed both. Not much difference in mpg towing either way +/- 6.25 on a good day, 5.25 on a bad day. No tow car 7.5 on a good day 6.5 on a bad day. 8V92 +/-65 mph. towing, 70-75 not towing.
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