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Full Version: Small updates
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Not much since last posting. I had the counter tops go in today. Turned out nice. Working on regluing the loose laminate. Replaced some gas lifts for the cabinets. Added some LED strip lighting under the cabinets and waiting on small dimmers to arrive. Money is getting tight so this will be it for a while. It gets to the point even as a contractor, your customers begin to put off jobs due to ridiculous cost of materials. We are finally at that point after two years.
Looks Great Simon!
Very impressed
Can not believe you accomplish so much in such a short time
Beautiful job
stunning. very very nice work. thanks for sharing

Beautiful make over.
Really enjoy seeing your progress!
I agree with what everyone else said. Looks sweet.
Lookin great!!
Thank you everyone! It's a labor of love for sure
Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on such a giant job!!
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