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Full Version: Hydraulic System Pressure
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For those of you who still have a gauge on the side of the gold anodized hydraulic system control box, what pressure do you see with the engine running? 

Asking for a friend Angel
Richard, I can’t answer your question exactly.   About ten years ago, my gauge was leaking and I removed it and plugged the port.  

Last year we went to a show a couple hundred miles out and while backing up to my trailer, the PS went away.  You can’t even turn the wheel with out assist with 365s.   Edith said there was something leaking back there as she was guiding.  I went to look and it was the PS hose that feeds from the fan control block, it had rubbed on the turbo drain.   The hose had a reusable end fitting which are not normally used with high pressure systems.  The repair was a splice at the rubbed location and the new piece isn’t revealing any makings that I can find.   I am thinking the pressure is under 500 psi,  way under.   I’m sorry this isn’t very scientific and would be glad to re-install a gauge to verify if you would like.

Thanks for the reply. The gauge is reading 1800 psi, but further research has shown the TRW steering box MAX pressure is about 2300. So, low pressure is not the issue the guy is dealing with. I was just trying to sort through a number of potential causes for a steering issue.