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Full Version: Issues with file uploading
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Hi Tom & Admin

Several times I encountered issues with document uploading (to the Document section). 
I worked around that by posting large-size files to dropbox instead.

Since you had mentioned that you have increased the size limit on uploads and we still encounter the same issue. This is a problem you might want to look into further.

See below, both unzipped PDF and zipped files failed to upload, the file sizes and error messages are shown in the picture.
i increased the file size for uploading to the maximum that MYBB will allow, which is 20 mb. i had not done that for zip files and did just now.

will look into larger file sizes, but as far as i can tell, that is a limitation of the forum software that we use.


we (meaning my son scott), has adjusted it up higher. so please try your files again.


Now I was able to upload the 21Mb service manual successfully. Marvelous!
Kudos to Scott!