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Full Version: Oil Pressure
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Several times today after 1.5 hours cruising I25 north, my cruise control kicked off. 

I noticed, while stopped at a traffic light, I see the on the VMS display, the oil pressure light is going yellow and green, the pressure values going from 20-28. 
I've consistently had pressure between 40-50. 

I later notice when the cruise drops out the pressure light had been yellow. 

I checked the oil level and it is at the full mark as normal. I've put 4000 miles in the coach and not had to add oil. 

Is this a sender issue or a poorly calibrated dipstick? Or something else?
Check your codes in the VMS
codes? what magic are you talking about?
At the top ofmthe vms screen is a tab labeled diagnostics. If you open that tab, you can view the error messages from the engine and transmission ECMs
One event from yesterday
My first approach would be to find the sensor, and clean the connector with contact cleaner. I would also pull the connectors from both sides of the DDEC computer, located passenger side of engine between air compressor and starter. I think it's an 8 mm socket to loosen the holding screw for the connectors. Clean them up and carefully reconnect.

You could change the sensor, but erratic readings hint at bad connection.

I am guessing at this next part. When the DDEC sees the low oil pressure it derates the engine and turns off the cruise control. Because it is transient, the derate cures itself, but the cruise control must be turned back on.

So, was it about 1:30 when the cruise kicked off?

I think you can set up a min/max graph on any of the VMS parameters to automatically record what the oil pressure is doing.
Cruise kicked off 3 or 4 times. One being about that time.
Would you apply any dielectric grease or terminal contact cleaner?
Definitely contact cleaner, and let it evaporate before reconnecting.
Will do.
I'll report back.

Thanks Richard.