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So I found my dream steering wheel. (Ok, not really a dream, but it is captivating, isn't it?!).  It is an 18" trucker steering wheel that comes with a hub made for a 1974-1995 GMC truck column. My column has the telescopic hub with the little latch lever to make it go up and down about 2". I am thinking that would be lost if I use their hub. The wheel is just over $350 with shipping and tax. Pricey but I am limited on selection. Would this work? I believe I have that type of column. Also I have welded in a bracket that supports the lower portion of the column since it had some in and out flex. Column is tight, but the factory mounting gave it too much flex. It is clamped at the column to allow removal if need be. Solid and tight now. Should I safely order this wheel? It is returnable but hate to go through the process....
I took a chance and ordered the steering wheel and hub. No issues on removing the old and installing the new. I am quite pleased with the size and feel. I can steer it with no power. I also supported the lower column and this thing is so nice and tight!
Nice! Looks to be a good ergonomic design promoting good hand position while driving.
My 1986 has the Saginaw GM tilt steering column. Functionality; tilt, turn signals, horn, steering lock, ignition key. Repair Manual.

I looked at replacement steering wheels that had additional functionality like the IMMI VS4 series.
[Image: V4S-tri-Touch-CU.jpg]
It would be a great solution if my coach was fully J1939 CANbus compliant, but unfortunately, only my engine and transmission are.

I'll probably end up getting a steering column that has tilt, telescoping, windshield wiper, washer, head light, and cruise control on the column with a steering wheel that gives me control of the radio, and hands-free Bluetooth. With programable CANbus controllers, this shouldn't be an issue mixing vehicle-specific and J1939 protocols.
Jon, I toyed with this idea some years ago.

Just passing along what I learned that may help you in your search. You may be able to use a smart wheel IF you can figure out which specific “clockspring” will work with the GM column.

Smartwheel makes a control unit which utilizes relays for switching all the items which normally use discrete switches such as lights. Of course the radio function is a different animal, but many of todays phone interface radios have a “learning” steering wheel input interface.

If you do find out what you need to upgrade the steering setup, please pass along the info. It would be very useful.
Love my wheel having my cruise, wipers, headlight and marker light flashers. I think some of the new wheels have a jake switch, which I wouldn’t care as much about as mine is always on, but I would really like a gear selector button vs. reaching over.
Thanks Jon and Richard. Personally, I like simple and less buttons. Radio is within inches of reach for the volume knob. I have had countless expenses on repairs with my daily drivers that have 346.7 computers in them. My new 4xe jeep has already stalled on me twice while at a traffic light. When I drive big rigs, I just keep two hands on the wheel and my attention between the lines and mirrors. It's just my thing.
I would be happy with three buttons on the wheel. Flash lights button for the truckers. Windshield intermittent button. Mute button for the jukebox, for when I am getting a download from the passenger seat.