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Full Version: 110v - 120V 15 amp shore power
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I am fairly new to our 2005 Newell coach 728 and have had it plugged into a 50 amp service. I tried to use a 120V adapter  this week when i didn't have 220V available. The contactor box wouldn't make contact, click or have the lights come on the box. Steve Bennett thought it was running on a 120V cord in his showroom.
Question is does it work on 120V outlet with a 120V to 220V 50 amp adapter? what am i doing wrong?
  • I made sure it isn't hooked up to a ground fault outlet
  • I am going direct to the outlet without a extension cord
  • I have 120V power on both the X & Y terminals of the adapter (pulled apart enough to probe with a voltmeter)
  • I have 120V power inside the contractor box on one leg only
  • Do I have an adapter that is not the correct one?
Maybe run a jumper X to W. Or Y to W. My father in law rigged one up for me several years ago, so I know it can be done. Maybe jumper X to Y on hot side of 120V and neutral of 120V to W.
You got the clue with only hot leg showing on the contactor. Did you or someone make the adaptor?

A normal adaptor simply combines the two hot legs, leaves the neutral and ground intact. That way you will have 120V on all your circuits but none of the 220V appliances like Aquahot, drier, or stovetop will work because when you measure leg to leg you will get zero not 220.
I just jumped to make both X and Y hot and the contractor instantly connected. I am glad that you confirmed that i could do this without damaging the contactor Box which is what I didn’t want to do without checking with a guru. Now a question how and when should i use the 2 switches in the battery compartment. Invertor off/on and Aux battery off/on