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Full Version: T-Mobile Starlink
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T-Mobile phones will connect to Starlink for free starting next year. This will be really nice here in Idaho where cell phone coverage can be really spotty.

I'll be interested to see what a phone and internet bundle will cost.

We have TMobile. We also have Starlink. Our phones have voice over internet capability. We put the phones on airplane but leave them on WiFi. The VOIP has been flawless.

The Starlink saved our bacon last week when were on the other side of nowhere and needed to make some calls.

I realize the article is talking about a direct link between the phone and the satellite which is different than what we are doing.
@"Richard", I moved to Vonage VoIP in 2006 when I started Telecommuting so I'm quite familiar. The Vonage device required an Ethernet connection and a standard phone back then, I'm sure they have a wifi option by now. Even when Starlink gets the in-motion ability, it won't work on your hikes or bicycle rides or in your toad (unless you buy the hardware).
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