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Full Version: Where to auction a coach
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Any suggestions on where to auction a classic coach.  eBay seems like the best option but was hoping for other suggestions.
Thinking about selling my newell coach #375 1995 former race team coach in great condition ive owened coach since 2002 always garage keep 106.000 miles
Wondering what a fair price would be any interested people i can email or text pictures
This is just one person’s opinion.

Start a new thread here and on FB marketplace in the Newell Owner’s Group. Right now you are buried in another thread with a non descript title. Title the new thread 95 Newell for sale

Include a couple of exterior pictures, and couple of interior pictures just to show the paint scheme and the interior floor plan. Be prepared to send a packet of 50 detailed pictures to interested buyers. You will have to deal with tire kickers but it is hard to tell them from potential buyers on the internet. If you will load the pics to a sharing picture site, it will save you a ton of time. You upload them once, and then you only send a link to the interested party instead of a huge packet. Make list of what is updated on the coach. Make a list of major maintenance items that have been addressed…, batteries, radiator, air bags, brakes, air conditioning, Aquahot come to mind.

Again one person’s opinion.
Perhaps Bring a Trailer (BaT) would be a great place, if the coach is detailed and looks great?