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Full Version: Need 2005 Charge air cooler part numbers
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Looking for any recent part numbers, Active, duralite, or any other manufacturers that can supply a charge air cooler.

Thanks rundlc
For what it's worth, Dura-lite WILL NO longer provide a charge air cooler for my 05 Newell.

Search continues
Atlas in Corpus Christi made them for earlier years. I do not know if they supplied for your era coach.
Thanks, I did talk to Larry he "thinks" they made them fir Newell in 05. He was not very assuring that he'd be able to build on for twelve weeks or so. Supply chain BS, but it is what it is.

I'm between a rock and a hard space.
My mechanic says get a new one, Newell says try to get it repaired. So therein lies my issue.

I can't work on it where its stored so I have to rely on the mechanic. I'd almost try to tackle the job if I had an enclosed shelter to do so.
Here is a little more information that I have found out. There are a few Newells that had a combination cac/radiator that were built late 04 to 05. I really wished this wasn't the case but it is.

I have a gentleman that services Newells here in So. Cal. that will preform the work here in a few days.
As an update on the cac, it is NOT a one piece unit like it was explained to me. It all just needed to come out as one unit before it could be removed from the rack. It was later redesigned so that the cac can be removed without pulling the entire setup.
The cac was gonna take approximately 3-4  weeks to get repaired. This showed up from Newell today, arrived within two days of ordering it. Thanks Morgan![attachment=10645]
Ok new charge air cooler/ rebuilt radiator almost ready to be picked up and put back into its home. Can't wait to get 746 back up and going!
Did you see who made the new CAC?
(11-08-2022, 06:22 AM)hypoxia Wrote: [ -> ]Did you see who made the new CAC?


No I'm sorry I did not. I purchased the cac from newell.  You could talk to Morgan in the parts department. Ill see If I can locate a part number