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Full Version: Hi from the Netherlands
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Hi newell coach owners, let us introduce in this group. We are Pieter and Kai from the Netherlands, we live in Venlo. We did enjoy our hollidays with our Airstream Overlander that we bought in the US 19 years ago. 3 years ago it was time for somthing new and we bought Classic Newell Coach from 1970. It's now in great shape and we love here. We call here "DONNA' as a tribute to the owner's wife in the US who took such good care of her.
Some pictures how she is now Wink

Have a great day.

In March we are going to make a road trip with a camper from Chicago to Las Vegas, really looking forward to it Wink
Very nice !
Welcome !
Wow thats cool!
Super cool! Thank you so much for posting the pictures. The inside looks AMAZING.
That is beautiful! One of the best years since it is also my birth year!
Thank you for giving Donna a new life. She is beautiful!
That's a cool bus!
My grandmother was born in the Zealand area of the Netherlands. She came over to the US on a boat in 1901.
Did you post a video of this bus coming to your house on another social media platform quite a while ago?
Very cool! Welcome to the group.
Nice! Newell Classic Vintage, what's your coach number?
Welcome to our group. Donna is beautiful.
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