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Full Version: Rabbits ate my f350
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i dont use my truck very much.   and once i opened the hood and a rabbit jumped out at me.  i thought it was a rattlesnake so i jumped and yelped.  just a bunny.  
this is what the nice little bunny did.  it likes the insulation on the wires.  now to fix some wiring.  and the vacuum tubing and the tube for my turbo boost.  

Wow! Next time I go wabbit hunting I'm gonna use wire insulation!
I might have been better if it was a snake. I don't think they eat insulation.
That there is soybean based eco-friendly wire insulation. It is bio-degradable!
(02-03-2023, 05:16 PM)HoosierDaddy Wrote: [ -> ]That there is soybean based eco-friendly wire insulation. It is bio-degradable!

Yummy!  There have been many wiring harnesses sold and installed as a result.  It's a win-win for the manufacturer.
They taste just like chicken, maybe a little payback.

I know you were there and know what you saw.  But, I am thinking there may be another explanation.

As you know I am an amateur biologist and somewhat accomplished dog handler.  As a result I have become very well versed in the flora and fauna of this great land.

My experience tells me that rabbits are not that interested in eating plastic.  They prefer live vegetation.  However…there is an animal that thrives on plastics, wood, and sometimes light metal.

The Jackalope.  Yup.  Part rabbit and part antelope and 100% bad attitude.


Many people feel that the Jackalope does not exist.  They feel the same about the unicorn.  However, that is just because they have not seen one.

I believe that what you saw was a real Jackalope.  Count yourself lucky!  Also…with your keen sight and cat-like reflexes, I would be on the lookout for unicorns next.

Good call, Bill!! My 40 years experience in agricultural biology leads me to concur.
Well unless it had fins and gills my marine biology degree won't help me identify it. Still think it was a wabbit.
We have a ton of rabbits in our yard just decimating our plants. is my next move. Those do look like the same droppings our non welcome rabbits leave behind.
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