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Full Version: Apple Car Play
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In hopes of not being the first to attempt.   Has anyone added apple car play to the big display in the dash.   I believe, because I have Garmin there is any open HDMI port which I should be able to plug into and then select that as a source.   The google is somewhat overwhelming when trying to find the right hardware to order. 

If I turn out to be the test dummy I will report back with success or failure.

Since your coach is quite new, did you call Newell on this? I am sure they would shed some light. That is a great question and I would think that capability should be there.
Sent an email, not heard back yet. I will follow up
Yeah, these days it’s all about calling. I’ve had no success with emails in any endeavor with business. Not necessarily Newell but just in general.

I sent you a lengthly email that will help you.

You have an entirely different system, the Infotainment system that's both VALID and INTREPID (Firefly). The short answer for everyone else to follow is NO, the new system does NOT have CarPlay.

And, again to help others, WIRELESS CarPlay in the modern coaches with wireless networks can be a REAL PITA! Reason being, wireless CarPlay will disable your iPhone's wifi; or, should I say commandeer it to be used solely for the purposes of CarPlay!

This prohibits your iPhone, for example, from being able to access the coach's more power network and wireless router; many of which have multiple carriers, starlink, etc.

There are better solutions, such as AirPlay, which is streamed through Bluetooth. Any other type of traditional "input" such as USB to Lightning or USB-C would also be a great method.

Hope this helps.