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Full Version: No Rally Rally 23
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I have scheduled a post pandemic No Rally Rally in the original rally master Steve Bare's neck of the woods.

Foley-Orange Beach, AL. Dates are Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2023 (Monday thru Friday). At Sun Outdoors Orange Beach RV.

We have 25 sites allotted and have until Oct 1st to keep them. These are back in sites in the new area where they added 300  spots.

It is by the Amenity Pool # 2 . If you need a pull thru or more space you can talk to them about it. Four nights is a total of $263.12 for the listed sites.

372, 393, 373, 380, 374, 369, 401, 381, 371, 370, 395, 403, 375, 397, 407, 377, 378, 366, 368, 376, 367, 379, 409, 405, and 399.

This is how they called them out in the confirmation email. The number is 844-707-4343. We will have Rudy (Mr Aquahot) Leggett,

Gordon (Gen Man) Jones, I'll have a show and tell on how I put roofs airs on #458, and I believe Jack ( Mr Mini-Split)  is coming too.

Steve Bare will be in town and hopefully many more Gurus.

I'm in 372, please post your lot # after you reserve. Everyone is invited to come enjoy , learn, and visit. We can do pot lucks if ya'll

want to. This isn't their peak season so if you want to come early or stay later there will be room. Call the number and talk to anyone and tell them

No Rally Rally 23.
I'll be there!!!
Rudy is in 374, Bestgenman in 371, and Vinnie Cienzo is in 381.
Aw shucks. We are already scheduled to be just up the road at Emerald Beach RV Resort in Navarre , FL a week earlier!!
Be a shame if you couldn't alter your plans slightly since you will have already traveled to the area.
Hoosier Daddy, we would love to see y"all if you can.
Some friends who go to Emerald Beach invited us there at the same time they are there. We are looking forward to spending time with them. We still have businesses to run so must head back to TN and then on home by 10/19. Looking forward to the next No Rally. Really enjoyed Spearfish!!
We are in site #373.
We are staying at Meaher State Park Friday - Monday before the rally.
This SP is near my brother in Spanish Fort.
We are in 370
No Rally Rally:

Gordan and Susan Jones (bestgenman and bestgenwoman) will host a pitch-in at Site 371 for supper on the 31st, Taco Tuesday. They will supply everything to make the tacos.
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