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Full Version: Insurance with Montana LLC
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I am new to the forum and going to move from
 a Tiffin to a Newell.

We’re full time and planning to switch to a Montana LLC.

Currently have our insurance with Progressive.  Anyone know the specifics of how I need to modify my insurance to utilize the LLC?
I just went through this process. You will need to insure your coach in the state it will be primarily staying in. For example, wherever you get mail. Your insurance broker needs to include your Montana LLC as named on your insurance at the state at which you will "reside" or get your mail from. I have Progressive or will have progressive start on Sept 30th.

Welcome by the way! What year Newell did you get?
I don’t have the coach yet.

When you say “named” is it listed as an additional interest or additional owner. Or something else?

When you did it, did Progressive know what to do or was it a big hassle?
Additional interest. I didn't go direct with progressive. Used an insurance agency to deal with it. A very knowledgeable one local to me.

Overland Insurance Services
Ronald Jarvie

(480) 994-9584
(800) 677-4027
Ron Jarvie took extra good care of us when we lost the coach. He is the best